Small Business Boost

My younger sister has made a dream a reality. She has created her own small business in which she assist other businessman and companies create new and imaginative presentations and interactive web pages. 

I see hundreds of webpages weekly and many of them are missing key elements that will make them visible to a larger online audience. I hear stories about companies charging $1000s of dollars monthly/annually for services that can be obtained for a fraction of the cost most large companies charge. I cringe when I see pages with poor quality images, broken links and unreadable/boring text. 

It’s all about presentation people. In today’s market, it sometimes doesn’t matter how talented or skilled you may be. If you can’t present or promote in ways that are appealing to your intended recipient, then you may be wasting your time. 

I’ve spent the last several years building my audience. I know what the average photo client wants and what they are willing to pay. I craft my photos in ways to meet those demands. I present my services in ways to attract future clients and maintain the ones I have already. I may not be the best at what I do, but I definitely know how to please the people I work with and sell when I need to sell. A few months away from obtaining my Internet Marketing degree and I will be providing services through her brand in the months to follow.

If you own a business, have someone that you’re trying to represent or you need assistance creating a marketable pitch to build your own dreams, go that extra mile and hire an affordable professional to get you there.

Content Strategy, Development and Marketing Final Post

We have so many choices at our disposal to develop and deliver marketing content to current and potential clients. In the beginning of this course I had a choice as to which media channel would be the best choice for the remodeling company I selected. A Personal Touch Remodeling had become a victim of ineffective web page and a start up social media page. I believe this small business needed a change in media distribution in order to properly deliver its brand content. I selected blogging as my online marketing champion.

There were several reasons why I choose blogging as my content media channel, but I will give you my top three.

1. Blogging gives the author/businessman the ability to poll its audience about their needs and wants for in home remodeling. 

2. Blogs can be shared via every other media channel with the use of sharable web links and widget applications.

3. Deliverable media content includes images, quotation and hyperlinks, video and keywords. All of these features make blogging content more interactive and enhances search engine optimization.



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My intended target audience for blogging includes a variety of digital savvy consumers. Homeowners, interior designers, real estate investors, building suppliers and financial lenders can all be connected through blogging.  Webpages like WordPress offer a large database of networking connections around the globe. With attachments to just about every major social media page, blog followers can choose from several other delivery channels using a single data hub.

For small businesses, your message to your customers and other businesses has to be clear. Consumers now have the ability to search for reliable business content, ask questions and compare similar services with one another, with just the click of a button. Those who provide the best content will survive. Bring you business a little closer to those you serve, it just makes sense.


Selecting the Right Social Media Platform

Owning our personal webpages can be a good and useful tool for small business marketing. You may notice that I added the word “can” in the previous sentence. I say this because as I come the internet for good and bad marketing examples, I come across several webpages that aren’t as socially interactive as it should be. There are several great do-it-yourself websites that allow users to customize their pages to suit their personal and business needs, but I feel as if most are concerned about the look more than its content. 

Choosing the right social network can be tricky. The name Google appears to be the crowd favorite. Google + is a one stop shop for businesses seeking a unified forum to collect, share and promote their brand. If a mass audience is what you seek, then Google is the tool for you.

There are smaller social business pages that may have an advantage over Google. I found a smaller company this week that may have just as much punch. offers many of the same services as that one company I may have mentioned a few times already. One of the major differences is that they appear to be designed to service small business owners located in small communities. Biznik has a personal appeal to its site. The business owners and customers are connected by geographic location. Searching for the local handyman is easier and the brand choices are narrowed down to specific Biznik members. 

For most small businesses, reaching the immediate surrounding audience may be more important than being found on popular search engine. Its for this reason that I believe the little guy will be more suitable social tool for my monthly project.


Content Strategy, Development and Marketing – Week 2

No matter how popular the brand, a good marketing pitch gains its momentum with creative content. A Personal Touch Remodeling can benefit from blog updates and video progress post. The website offers great images and excellent tips on home improvement. The companies introduction to blogging and social media will expedite customer feedback and increase product awareness. 

Adding a public Facebook page is a step in the right direction for the respected small business. The company has reached 100 likes since they joined the social media giant. With the addition a personal blog, video post and SEO adjustments I anticipate an increased amount of social traffic. An intensified online presence should double the number of followers within a one to three month period.

Creating a schedule and maintaining a WordPress blog ensures that multiple content assets remain in circulation. 


Content Strategy, Development and Marketing – J.Mitchell

Hello All,

My name is Joseph Mitchell and I am enrolled in the Internet Marketing program. I am a retired veteran and Air Traffic Controller. Currently taking a break from the hard stuff until i’m finished with school. I enjoy spending time with my family and my favorite hobby is photography.

I chose A Personal Touch Remodeling as my brand for the month. This company represents the type of clients I am accustomed to dealing with. A hardworking small business that well known in their community, but just needs an extra kick to keep business rolling. I will be taking over the admin portion of Facebook pages like this in the near future, so it’s a good coincidence that we are covering content strategy this month.


I hope to learn how to extract important details about a business and then use the findings to increase brand awareness for my future client. That may sound a little vague, so let me explain. My job will be to gain as much marketing exposure as I can for the remodeling company. I’m required to recruit customers and other business to like are share his page. If I can learn how to provide content that is user friendly and attractive, I expect to double his number of like before the end of this course.

Adding life to each piece of content is my ultimate goal.  I intend to use blogs, video and podcast to disperse this companies brand. I encourage all of my classmates to comment and share ideas. I promise to do the same.